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Liverpool is home to Queens General Hospital. With a recent expansion, dedicated staff, and an ER that never closes, you can rest assured that your health care needs will be met anytime, day or night, should you require assistance. For more serious diagnostics, surgeries and treatments, the South Shore Regional Hospital is 30 minutes away in Bridgewater.

In Liverpool you can find professionals in the fields of dentistry, chiropractic, massage therapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture to name a few. There's also a new website called Doctors-Wanted.ca that aims to attract new doctors to to Liverpool, Nova Scotia and the Queens County area.

Queens General
Queens General


The Region of Queens takes the well being of its citizens seriously, and what better way to stay in shape than enjoying the great outdoors.

Queens County spans from forest and farm to lake and ocean. Our pristine white beaches are easily accessible and all just a short drive away.

We have several trails, one right in Liverpool where you can walk or jog among the towering pines of Pine Grove Park then loop back into town along the Trestle Trail.

There are so many outdoor activities from boating and fishing to horseback riding, there really is no limit to what our landscape has to offer.


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We also have many facilities where you can relax and stay fit. The Queens Place Emera Centre has an ice rink, walking track, and fitness centre. You can see a complete list of facilites, events, concerts and more on its Official Website.

White Point Beach Resort has a pool, hot tub, sauna and a gourmet restaurant for you and your family to enjoy.

On top of this Liverpool has baseball fields, a yoga and meditation studio, bowling alley, the Liverpool Curling Club, dart leagues, and many other events and classes.

In addition, we now have a new BMX track and a world class skatepark that rivals some of Canada's best. You can learn more about the Mersey Skatepark here.

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Our small town has a lot to offer in amenities and services, with access to all modern necessities. Your grocery needs are easy to meet with two full size grocery stores (Sobeys and SuperStore), smaller convenience outlets, and farmers` markets.

Our car dealerships, gas stations, and mechanics offer quality services for your vehicle at small town prices.

Queens Care Society is a group of volunteers that are interested in improving life for seniors in long term care, assisted living, and transportation.

Liverpool Farmers Market privateers Farmers Market

Housing and Cost of Living

In Liverpool you will find some of the most reasonably priced houses around. Like ocean frontage? We've got it. How about an affordable retirement home? No problem. Chances are there`s a house that will match your price, wants and needs.

The cost to heat your house via oil is lower than ever, and with our mild winters you save a pretty penny.

Power can be expensive, however home owners with electric heat can save money by opting for electric thermal storage. NS Power will install a "time of use meter" which will give electric rates of 50% off from 11pm to 7am on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.

Groceries cost the same but you can always buy cheaper, locally grown food at one of our farmers markets.

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main street


The local people refer to the South Shore of Nova Scotia as The Banana Belt. This is because we have the mildest winters in Canada, with the exception of BC, where it rains all the time and real estate prices are through the roof. If you like warm summers and fresh ocean air, this place is for you.

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Local Stores, Businesses and Restaurants

Buy a new outfit, mail a parcel, treat yourself to a manicure and new hairdo, buy a piece of local art for your home, or a bouquet of flowers for that special someone.

Wine and dine in luxury, order fish and chips at the pub, or have yourself a nice home style meal at one of our many fine restaurants, such as Lane's Privateer Inn or at one of our popular pizza parlors. More of a morning person? Drink coffee and socialize at one of our bright and colorful cafes.

For a complete list of restaurants in Liverpool, please go here.

Hell Bay Brewing Company makes handcrafted beer that is becoming very popular.

Parlee Adventure gear is manufactured in Liverpool. There is an outlet store as well where you can rent canoes, kayaks and bicycles. Check it out here.

No matter what you need, the businesses and restaurants of Liverpool and Queens have got you covered.

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Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Liverpool is a rich artistic and cultural landscape with talented musicians, actors, writers, visual artists, and crafters.

The Astor Theatre brings in amazing concerts, folk artists and comedians, puts on critically acclaimed plays, and hosts theatrical performances with local schools throughout the year. It's also a gallery and a movie theater with top of the line equipment and sound capabilities, so watching new theatrical releases is easy.

The Astor theatre is recognized as one of Canada's Historic Places. To learn more visit the Astor Theatre Website.

View galleries full of local artists and crafters works, participate in craft fairs or workshops, and listen to musical acts booked at multiple establishments throughout the town!

We have several authors who work out of the area, sometimes hosting workshops and book launches or readings. We love to share our stories and hope you'll add yours to Liverpool's ever evolving tale.

Astor Theatre Astor Theatre concerts Astor Theatre Astor Theatre

Not Far From Liverpool

Like to get out and about? There are plenty of fun places just outside of town. They include:

White Point Beach Resort - 10 Minutes

White Point Golf Club - 10 Minutes

The Quarterdeck - 10 Minutes - Video

Beach Meadows - 15 minutes

Summerville Beach - 15 minutes

View all South Shore Beaches.

Bridgewater - 30 minutes

Osprey Ridge Golf Course - 30 Minutes

Thomas Raddall Park (Camping) - 40 Minutes

Kejimkujik National Park - 60 Minutes

Halifax (City) - 90 minutes

Burnside Business Park - 90 minutes