Informative Q & A

  • Q: The place sounds great. What is the weather like?
  • A: The local people refer to the South Shore of Nova Scotia as "The Banana Belt." An exaggeration, of course. But some who have moved here have researched and determined that the South Shore of NS has the best weather in Canada, with the least snow. True, BC is warmer, but it rains all the time and real estate is through the roof.
  • Q: How about real estate prices?
  • A: That depends on what you want. Ocean frontage is rather pricey. Right now there are houses available around Liverpool that are very reasonable. Chances are you could sell your place in Toronto or Ottawa and bring enough equity with you to pick up a nice house and get a contractor to work it over a little to make it very nice and then still have plenty left over to escape our mild winters for years to come if you want. Try checking with one of our local realtors like Anne Thomson Realty and Walt Macdonald.
  • Q: Is the ocean fit to swim in?
  • A: Some think so. The ocean temperature here is tempered by the Labrador current, which comes down from the North. Usually in August or September some conditions change and the Labrador current goes out and the Gulf Stream comes in, and then you have ocean swimming like the Carolinas, and the beaches get especially popular. You can stay in until you are tired, because you won't get cold. You never know how long it will last or when it will happen.
  • Q: What is the main industry in the area?
  • A: In 2012 the biggest employer in Queens County closed. It looked bad for Liverpool. However, in a short time after Bowater Mersey Paper Company moved out of Liverpool, and sold the paper making machinery, things started happening. Various industries have re-purposed the buildings. We now have three very vigorous industries.

    Aqualitas is producing medical and recreational marijuana. It is a growing industry (pun intended). It started off with fifty employees. As of the start of 2020, it has 80 employees and is now building on additional space for more production of raw marijuana, and expanding into producing edibles.
    Check out this news release on Aqualitas:

    Lloyoll Built is also working at the Port Mersey Commercial Park in one of the former Bowater Mersey buildings. They prefabricate custom buildings under cover to be moved to job sites.

    Last, but not least is Covey Island Boatworks. They have been designing and building custom yachts since 1979. Many of their beautifully crafted yachts are found on the high seas around the world. Today that are including a semi-custom line as well. They say:
    "Every Covey Island boat benefits from the extensive knowledge gained from 41 years of combining traditional Nova Scotia craftsmanship with appropriate state-of-the-art technology."

    Final Word:
    When the mill closed Liverpudlians thought it was the end of the world. Many people left to find work elsewhere. Now there are as many, if not more people working at Port Mersey as were working there when the mill closed. We have a lively fishery in the area, and forestry and tourism. A new and beautiful fish plant has been built in Liverpool. Who ever thought a fish plant could be beautiful?

    Also, starting in 2020, a ten year project to replace the six dams and power houses on the Mersey River will begin. New businesses have moved in on Main Street. There is more in the works, but I don't want to bore you with my bragging. It seems that Liverpool will not only not die, but seems to be reinventing itself and is now better than it ever was.

  • Q: How about schools?
  • A: We have a relatively new senior high, a relatively new elementary school, and a brand spanking new junior high. They are regional schools and serve all students in South Queens. North Queens also has some older but very good regional schools.
  • Q: How about churches? What do you have?
  • A: We have an Anglican church, a Baptist church, a United church a Catholic church and a Salvation Army church right in Liverpool. We have no synagogs or mosques in Liverpool. The Mormons travel to Bridgewater to join with the congregation there. There are various other churches scattered around the county in every community.
  • Q: Anything else I should know?
  • A: There's always more you can know. Hopefully, this website will answer most of your questions, but if not, just visit our contact section and send your questions directly to us.

    Oh, and one last thing you should know. As I see it, Canada is the best country in the world, Nova Scotia is the best province in the best country. It also happens that Liverpool is the best town in the best province. It really doesn't get any better than this.

  • Q: Is there camping in the area?
  • A: You betcha. Thomas Raddall Park is 45 minutes from Liverpool, and Kedgi National Park is 1 hour away. Find the links to their sites at the bottom of "Why Here" under "Not far from Liverpool".


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